For thousands of years, above ground interment has been a time honored manner of memorialization. Historically, ancient Egyptian pharaohs and Greek aristocracy opted to be immortalized for eternity in above ground tombs. In present day, mausoleums continue to be unique and impressive resting places for those valuing beauty, simplicity, and security.

In an effort to provide a range of interment options for our community, Northport Rural Cemetery has constructed the first and only public mausoleum in the town of Huntington. Completed in the spring of 2013, this noble structure boasts a handsome and timeless exterior made from Dakota Mahogany and Rockville Gray granite. The fa├žade of the mausoleum features a charming granite mural of the Northport Village dock gazebo, capturing the splendor and tranquility of this beloved community.

Crypts and niches in our mausoleum are affordable as well. Our zero percent financing option for crypts makes mausoleum entombment a cost-effective choice and an intelligent investment.

For more information on our mausoleum entombment options, please call us at 631.261.8422.