Cremation has become an increasingly popular choice over the last quarter century. As such, Northport Rural Cemetery takes pride in offering a variety of options for cremated remains. These options include burial in a standard grave and interment in our new public mausoleum or in a private columbarium.


Ashes Burial

Northport Rural Cemetery offers picturesque views year-round, making it a truly serene burial place. We offer standard graves for those opting for cemetery burial after cremation. Up to six single sets of ashes may be buried in a grave.

Public Mausoleum

Our newly constructed mausoleum provides beauty, security, and simplicity for cremated remains. Our mausoleum niches are also an affordable choice for those seeking above ground interment.

Private Columbarium

Columbarium interment is ideal for those wishing to be cremated and interred within their own personal, free-standing structure. Private columbariums range in sizes, usually accommodating eight or more single sets of ashes.


For more information on the above options for cremated remains, please call us at 631.261.8422.