Mausoleum Rules & Regulations

1. Northport Rural Cemetery Association Incorporated, hereinafter referred to as the Association, operates under the Cemetery Law of the State of New York.

2. You are reminded that these grounds are sacredly devoted to the interment of the dead and a strict observance of the decorum, which should characterize such a place, will be required of all visiting this cemetery.

3. The proprietors of mausoleum crypts and their families will be allowed access to their crypts subject to such rules & regulations and at such times as may be adopted by the Association.

4. All crypts shall be held in pursuance of an act entitled, “An Act Relating to Membership Corporations” constituting chapter 35 of the Consolidated Laws, which became law February 17, 1909 and the acts amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto and shall be used for place for burial/entombment of dead human beings only.

5. Crypts sold back to the Association will be purchased at the original cost price plus 4% simple interest each year owned, as provided by the Cemetery Law of the State of New York at a total price not to exceed the present selling price of a crypt. Such crypts may be purchased at the discretion of the Association.

6. No crypt shall be transferred nor assigned without the consent of the Association endorsed of the conveyance.

7. Mausoleum crypts have the dimensions of 87” x 31” x 26”. The entombed casket shall not exceed 83” x 29.25” x24”.

8. No plantings, flowers or decorations of any kind are permitted in the mausoleum area.

9. Inscription of Mausoleum Crypt shall be limited to the following:

(NRCA approved symbol)
Date of birth
Date of Death

No nicknames, slang words, terms of endearments, post-nominal letters, post-nominal initials, post nominal titles, designatory letters or name suffixes, of any kind, are permitted.

10. Owners shall not allow entombments to be made in their graves for remuneration. Interments and disinterments may be made only in accordance with the regulations of the NYS Board of Health and in compliance with Section 1510 (e) of N.F.P.O.

11. Notice of entombment must be given at least 36 hours in advance at the Cemetery office. Entombment permit or cremation certificate, deed or burial affidavit must be presented at time of entombment. No entombment shall take place without the proper documentation and payment for services provided.

12. All entombments must be made under the supervision of a representative of the Association, who shall have sole discretion with respect to all matters relating entombments.

13. The Cemetery shall conduct snow removal from all cemetery roads solely at the discretion of the Association.

14. The Cemetery reserves the right to close the Cemetery for any reason at its sole discretion.

15. These Rules & Regulations may be amended at any meeting of the Association upon the vote of two thirds (2/3) of the Trustees, approval by the NYS Division of Cemeteries and will be reposted.