Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any additional fees after I purchase a grave?
A: Additional fees include: opening a grave for burial, building a foundation for a monument, and a monument dealer permit fee for approval of monument work to be completed.

Q: What about an annual “maintenance fee”?
A: There is no annual maintenance fee. We place a minimum of 10% of the sale price of each grave, crypt, or niche sold into an interest bearing account. This NYS mandate provides Northport Rural Cemetery with funds to take care of the property.

Q: What is a foundation and is it required?
A: A foundation is a poured concrete footing which is required if placing a head stone or monument.

Q: How many burials can be in a grave?
A: Two caskets can be buried in a grave (one on bottom, one on top). Also, ashes may be placed on top of those caskets – up to eight single sets of ashes.

Q: What options do I have if I choose cremation?
A: Northport Rural Cemetery has the following options: burial in a standard grave and entombment in either a private columbarium or in our public Mausoleum.

Q: What are some of the benefits of being entombed in a Mausoleum?
A: Mausoleum entombments go back to the ancient Egyptians and represent the finest combination of safety and durability. Once only for the rich, our crypts are affordable with our zero percent financing program.

Q: What may I plant graveside?
A: Please refer to our Planting & Decorations Regulations. We allow small shrubs that will not grow outside the grave width and up to 18 inches of small plantings in front of stone.

Q: What is a vault and is it required for burial?
A: A vault is a protective box that goes in the ground surrounding and protecting the casket. Only our “Avenue” graves require vaults. Ashes buried in graves must be in ‘urn vaults’; prices vary according to size of urn.

Q: Can I sell back my grave?
A: Yes, we repurchase unused graves. NYS regulates we must return the original purchase price plus 4% interest for each year of ownership. You are not permitted to sell graves to the public.

Q: Why does the grave area get disturbed at times?
A: Northport Rural Cemetery is a working cemetery and while excavating a grave, it is at times unavoidable that grass of adjourning graves be disturbed. The Cemetery top-dresses and reseeds disturbed areas regularly.