Planting & Decorating Regulations

Violations may be removed without notice or liability.

1. All plantings of flowers, setting of flower pots and flower vases must be limited to 18 inches in front and 6 inches to each side (none to back) of monuments or markers.

2. Borders, enclosures, edging of any type must be flush with the ground and according to Regulation #1 so not to interfere with landscaping.

3. Plants, etc. at graves without monuments must be in the area at the head of the grave.

4. Grave length flower beds or plantings are not permitted.

5. Ground cover (ex. ivy, pachysandra) is forbidden.

6. Rose bushes or any other thorny plants are prohibited.

7. Shrubs and trees may only be planted with Cemetery approval and may be removed when growth reaches the point of being unmanageable, interfering with other graves and/or burials.

8. Breakable vases, jars, containers, mementos, ornaments, ceramic figures and the like are prohibited.

9. Permanent, reversible flower vases are recommended but must be placed according to Regulation #1.

10. Flower pots are subject to removal when becoming unsightly and/or flowers die or obstruct proper landscaping of the Cemetery.

11. Seasonal grave decorations are permitted and will be removed after a reasonable time. (February 1st for Christmas decorations - 30 days for all other holidays). Anyone desiring to save or reclaim special decorations must do so prior to the removal deadline.

12. Plastic/artificial flowers or decorations of any kind are prohibited during the cutting season (May 1st to November 1st).

13. Placement of stones/rocks or other objects on top of monuments is prohibited. They become projectiles when struck with landscaping equipment.

14. The Cemetery does not maintain plantings in front of monuments or markers; it is the responsibility of grave owners.

15. Trash cans and dumpster in the Cemetery are for the refuse from graves only. Using these containers for refuse or private trash is forbidden.

16. Cemetery staff is not liable for care or delivery of floral pieces, etc.

17. The Cemetery has set standards for regular maintenance of all plots and grave areas and reserves the right to require the observance of the same standards for graves under the owners’ personal care.

18. The Cemetery is not responsible for the care, loss, or damage to plantings/decorations caused by weather, machines or other vehicles, thieves, vandals, or for any reason beyond its control.

19. Any and all items other than the approved monument, memorial marker or plantings shall be removed by cemetery staff for maintenance and safety concerns and to preserve the dignity of the Cemetery.